Ride Updates Spring 2016

Well, it’s been so busy there has not been much time to update the blog. So what have I been up to?

I attended a very wet and cold Haywood Oaks over Easter weekend, and was delighted to come 2nd in the FEI 2* 120 kms with LM Ashirta in her first 2*. Made even more special because this mare has suffered from a lot of accident and injuries, including quite a spell at NEH, so getting her back to work and in form to achieve this on a tough day was extremely rewarding. This is a wonderful mare who I am hoping will have a great future with me. I also took around one of my young horses, Arabis, who did a strong job completing his 80 km national ride, and qualifying him for his first FEI 1*. I am hoping for better weather for his next outing !
So onto to Kings Forest, my lovely “home” ride which is a traditional ride for us and is superbly hosted and includes some of the most beautiful forest riding in the UK with fantastic going. As we decided to sponsor some of the ride to ensure that another early season ride would have adequate heating, lights, marquee and also a bit of a talk from myself and a supper for the FEI riders, I was delighted to sign up for riding on 3 of the 4 days. Sadly it was another bout of terrible british weather and the organisers did an amazing job of keeping the show on the road – the flooding and mud conditions caused a few trials and tribulations but I think everyone had a good time.


For this ride I took a young horse Xavi out to do the 30km class ably accompanied by my beloved Mango ridden by my USA friend and top endurance rider Jeremy Reynolds. The next day I attempted the FEI 3* 160 km with LM Zan Naphl, but her first attempt at a 160 kms was not to be and she vetted out stiff behind. It was incredibly wet and cold, with the going unusually slippery so I am sure Zan would have been happy to know she didn’t need to go any further than 80kms.


Meanwhile up in the stables Arabis had clearly got wind of the weather forecast and tucked up in his warm stable he somehow managed to get a slightly puffy fetlock – so I withdraw him before his planned FEI 1* the next day. Clearly he really is going to wait for a warmer ride !
Next up the special Royal ride of Royal Windsor Endurance – and I think that deserves it’s own blog ….