It is with immense pride that I write that Mango the Magnificent completed his first 2* at the prestigious and inaugural Royal Windsor FEI endurance ride.

What an incredible experience to ride Windsor park, and to do our vettings in front of HM The Queen, The Duke and our sponsor the King of Bahrain.
For this little grey gelding to have overcome so muc fear and adversity, I feel as though I have won the Olympics and the World Championships. I never thought he would come so far from the horse that was terrified at all the pre ride vettings because he would have to be touched by strangers, let alone the 18 months off to treat the most appaling sarcoids and then thinking we would have to put him to sleep.
He truly is Mango the Most Magnificent and he carried me around Royal Windsor in true Mango style. I can ignore the napping to leave the vet gate, the shying at the deer, and the leaping around because we did our 2* together at such an incredible venue.
A day I will take to my grave.
Thank you Mango, my Magnificent Friend.