Keysoe UK FEI 1* 80kms 12/7/2014

I was pleased to have Bold Greyson back into work after a tendon injury, and this was our first outing together.  I have been taking his training very slow and steady.This is to ensure that his recuperation was as good as could be before we embarked on a ride together. I thought we would take a steady ride out in a 1* and see how it went.


I am so so proud of Greyson.  Not only was he a joy to ride all day, and we enjoyed a steady pace in the very hot conditions but he won !


What a wonderful year, 2 wins at FEI 1*.  Really incredible, and what a come back for Greyson.


I am now confident to hit the bigger distances with him, absolutely delighted and a big thank you to the team that makes it all happen.