Well, it’s been a while since Argentina and a few updates have been missed.
I’m flying back to Argentina tonight and hugely looking forward to riding LM 42 in the 120kms 2* , along with Fecundo Carrera (Carlos’ son) who will be riding Fresita. Can’t wait and watch out for more updates.

In the meantime I’ve been dodging the horrible english winter weather by taking time out to go and ride in Broxton Bridge, South Carolina. I was very privileged to ride Cleopatrah belonging to Jeremy and Heather Reynolds. Another fantastic experience to ride in a new location, although the weather caught up with me a little and decided to throw an expected frost into the equation. So we mounted in the dark on frosty ground – hmmm a bit too reminiscent of the winter weather I was trying to avoid ! This was my 2nd attempt at a 120kms 2* after my aborted attempt in Argentina in November. We had a really fantastic ride. Jeremy accompanied me riding a super young gelding called Nixon. He is probably one of the biggest arabs I have seen, bright chestnut and I am certain he will be a great prospect for the future. Cleo, my ride, has flat raced previously, beating all the boys on the track at Delaware. She can be quite strong and has a real passion for endurance and gave me a fantastic ride round, still pulling at the end of 120kms. What a mare. I am delighted to say we passed and achieved my first FEI 2*. Thank you to both Heather and Jeremy Reynolds for all their help, and of course to the super Cleo. After having such a great time at Broxton Bridge, we decided to go to the Fun In The Sun ride in Northern Florida, hosted by Valerie and Larry Kanavy. Again I had the chance to partner Cleo. Jeremy again riding Nixon. This time for my 2nd 120kms 2*. The ride started well, although yet AGAIN I had taken the weather gods with me and it was SO cold with a strong wind blowing. But clear skies and sunshine. The course was superbly marked and the going was mostly great, just one area of deep swampy going through the palm forests and a few sections of deeper sand. The ride went very well except one for a terrible disaster with our horses lose before the last loop. Thank goodness they were caught and were unharmed. We finished very quietly and were relieved and delighted to vet and have completed my 2nd 2* partnerd by Cleo. Again a big thank you to everyone involved – the Reynolds Racing Team and Skip.